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Creativity in every Stitch

At Dizzy & Creative, we're all about inspiring everyone to want to pick up a needle and stitch. Whatever age, whatever level of experience, whatever time you have available, we want everyone to experience the creative process of stitchery.

We seek out the best quality fabrics and threads to use in our fun and playful designs, because we know that good quality materials mean better stitching results.

We strive to write clear, fully illustrated instructions and guides. What's more, every single stitch we use in every single kit is included in a stitch library, set out step by step in pictures and in words, for both Right and Left Handed Stitchers - good, eh?

 Oh, nearly forgot to mention, we also give you Love Tokens each time you purchase a kit - which add up to more discount!

So - great quality, great value, great fun - start shopping for a Dizzy & Creative kit right now.


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